It’s that time of year again. Victorious Festival 2016 is nearly upon us, with what is certainly it’s biggest Line Up to date! With hundreds of bands across the bank holiday weekend, deciding on who you’re going to see is no doubt a challenge. However fear not, we are here to help you. Our staff have crafted a playlist below of our recommendations for the weekend, featuring both local and national artists. Having to narrow it down to 20 acts proved hard, however as many of these bands have played The Wedge before, or are scheduled to in the next few months, you can trust us that they’re worth seeing! Enjoy the festival and make sure you scroll through the playlist below!


Last week we brought you three great local artists. We are back this week to give you another three, and this time it’s band focused. From the Gnarly to infectious indie pop, these three bands have “it”. With European dates, and appearances at some of the biggest UK festivals under their belts already, the future is looking bright for these bands. Check them out, give them a follow and support your local music scene. We have so much talent sitting on our doorstep, let’s not ignore it!




Interview with Adam Ficek (Babyshambles)

Tonight we are lucky enough to have Babyshambles very own Adam Ficek DJing It’s A Sin! Being our first Guest DJ of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with Adam before the show, and talk music. Have a read through, and don’t forget to come down tonight from 11.30pm!

[Wedgewood Rooms]
How did you get into DJing?

[Adam] “Well, back in the very old days of probably 96, I was Djing in an indie club and also doing a lot of mod 60s nights, and from that I had a small residency in London playing the same sort of thing. Then in the late 90s I began playing a lot of house music, playing everything really, engagement parties,  festivals, and this was way before my band days. I was DJing like this way before BabyShambles. And  later I guess I grew into playing more indie stuff, rock and roll, jazz , that sort of thing, so that’s where it all began really.”

[Wedgewood Rooms]
 What is your favourite music to play?

 “It depends really, if I get a lot of house gigs or electronic music gigs, I kind of yearn to play something more live, harking back to 60s songs, maybe some jazz and funk. If I am doing too much of that I really yearn for the power of modern dance music. So I don’t know really it depends on what is coming in.



[Wedgewood Rooms] What are your top 5 floor fillers?

[Adam] “If I told you this I’d be out of work (laughs) Honestly there are secrets. Again it depends on what I am playing really, if like it’s a really cool crowd you’re not going to get away with the classics that you think are going to work, I mean for example if your playing Playboy club there are certain house tracks that are always going to work well, or certain more hip hop type tracks.”

[Wedgewood Rooms] What DJs inspire you?

[Adam] “DJs that inspire me? That’s hard really. Again it depends on different styles. I used to love Fat Boy Slim, because he used to bring back a lot of funk and soul in it, and really give that party vibe to it.

[Wedgewood Rooms] What stuff will you be playing wedge?

[Adam] “I have quite a few cool little edits of older stuff – its going to be really alternative party anthems to be honest. I really like the idea that I don’t have to play anything modern which is great for me, that’s my thing. I will do also drop this amazing edit I have done of The Doors, Peace Frog, with some really choppy drums on it. I’ll also play my amazing edit of Beastie Boys and Black Betty. That kind of thing, it’s going to be full of floor fillers.


It’s been a while since we did one of these featured blog posts, but we are back now and are taking submissions for the ‘Local Music Scene’ section of our blog! If you’re an artist send us some music to and we will take a listen. If we like it, we’ll shout about it, simple as that. Now without further ado, let’s get to it.

For this post we have some established local artists, thrown in with some newer acts. Each track however is a banger, so get sharing!. All of the below artists are out gigging locally in the next few months (we checked), so if you like what you hear, get yourselves along to a show!





Euro 2016 Results Based on Each Countries Musical Output

Here at The Wedge we thought with Euro-vision safely behind us and Euro 2016 fast approaching,  we would do something to get you all patriotic. Now we do not profess to know a great deal about football. There are the odd few here who are “into it”, but generally football isn’t what we do. Having said that we do know quite a bit about music. So here it is; we have ranked each country taking part in the Euros from worst to best based on their musical output. Consider it an even more biased Euro-vision, or perhaps the ultimate Euro 2016 playlist. We must warn you in advance, this playlist does contain some Euro pop, and huge amounts of bias.

Don’t forget you can watch every minute of every England game this Euros at The Wedge on our big screen for free. Simply order your tickets from our website at

24: Albania

23: Romania

22: Czech Republic

21: Croatia

20: Turkey

19: Ukraine

18: Austria

17: Poland

16: Hungary

15: Belgium

14: Switzerland

13: Russia

12: Spain

11: Slovakia

10: Italy

9: Germany

8: Portugal

7: France

6: Northern Ireland

5: Iceland

4: Wales

3: Sweden


2: The Republic of Ireland

1: England

10 of the Best: Portsmouth’s Weirdest Rider Requests

Whether it is Blue M&M’s or Pictures of David Hasselhoff in the dressing room (seriously), rider requests can be a very strange affair. Once seemingly constructed by outlandish third-world dictators, the rider requests of today have become very, well conservative (excuse my language).  Whilst some modern artists now use their rider as a chance to promote their new #instadaily #foodporn diet of decaying leaf matter, others have become content with an M&S Sushi tray, and a packet of Hobnobs. Fear not however, we have delved deeply into The Wedge archive to bring you the top ten Random Rider Requests, spanning ourselves, The Guildhall and Pyramids recent history.

For legal reasons, and because we like to keep on good terms with people, we have replaced the names of the artists involved, with our favourite worst band names. Have a read, and if you’re a promoter, let us know some of your worst rider stories!

1) The Cocoa Butter Trio

A picture of David Hasselhoff in the dressing room. Nothing wrong with this, who wouldn’t want to spend an evening looking into those eyes?


2) Mixed Nuts 

A shuffled iTunes Playlist of relaxation/Hypnosis tapes. Because touring can be stressful.


3) Comic Sans (Bold)

4 Bottles of Champagne (with the note “no Moet no Show’e”). No words.

4) Devil’s Spleen Advocate 

An Electric Cattle Prod. Still unsure as to what this was used for. The less we know the better.

cattle prod

5) The Protein Sheiks 

Set of 20kg Weights for the dressing room… Like do you even lift?

arny lifting weights

6) #LOVE

Carpeted Dressing Rooms. You’re not in Morocco, you’re in Portsmouth and it’s raining outside.



7) The Font Protection Society 

A Lotto Scratch Card (Any winnings to be split between Artist and Promoter). This was actually pretty cool.

8) The Sid James Affair

A Toy Car. Thankfully no Jackass moments were had with this toy (Google it) – it actually ended up in a music video…

toy car

9) Vampiric Lust 

A Private and unattended Bar. You can imagine what happened next.

10) Diving with Iguanas 

A Starbucks Soya Latte. Because Instant Coffee is just not the same.


Say No to Secondary Tickets

After reading several blogs recently regarding secondary tickets, with artists such as Prince declaring ‘war’ on ticket touts, we wanted to share our stance on secondary ticketing. For the last 6 years we have been operating a hard-line policy to stamp out ticket touting at our venues. Despite our best efforts we have suffered previously from touts, with shows such as Jamie T, and Damon Albarn having had tickets uploaded on-line for sale on Stub Hub and Ebay, within several minutes of the shows selling out. To combat this, we ask every ticket buyer to bring  the confirmation email, and the card they purchased the ticket on to the show, so it can be verified upon entry.

We understand this approach has been known to cause some problems in cases where people have bought tickets for friends, however we believe it is essential to educate people who buy from touts, that secondary ticketing takes money away from the venues and the artists. In any case people we are happy for people who have bought tickets for friends, to lend their friends the card for the show, or if not, simply give them the card number. This will enable us to verify the transaction. Ticket touting exploits fans adoration of artists in already difficult financial times, and rips money off of the venues who work day in day out to provide music that people will enjoy. Ideally we wouldn’t have to impose such policies, after all it would make our lives much easier. However until touts stop attempting to profit off of secondary tickets, these policies will have to remain in place.

Jamie T’s show at The Wedgewood Rooms was one of our fastest selling shows ever!

The battle between venues and touts is one that has been prevalent for decades. However the shady Billy Sykes character harping after spare tickets outside venues, has been replaced by computer bots and cyber criminals. They have been known in cases to purchase 1000’s of tickets in large batches within minutes of the show, as was the case for U2’s show at Madison Square Gardens. The sad truth is it is very hard to combat these devices. Refusing entry to secondary bought tickets is therefore the only way to fight this illegal industry. Our hope is that we can cut the demand for secondary tickets by informing fans that secondary tickets will not gain them access to the venue. Kill the demand, you kill the industry. Since adopting this policy we have had huge success in reducing the number of secondary tickets sold for our events.

The 5 Worst Love Songs of ALL TIME- Voted by Wedgewood Rooms Staff

There is a special place reserved in hell for people who write terrible love songs. The concept of a love song is fine, after all it’s only natural for artists to want to put their feelings for their significant other into song. HOWEVER, there are a few, shall we say culprits, that have taken the love song to new levels of cringe. See we aren’t anti love, we are just anti ‘I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE’. Unnecessary orchestral arrangements, impassioned music videos with smoke machines, proclamations of undying love on unidentifiable city streets, poor acting scenes in music videos, all these are classic symptoms of the terrible love song. It must stop. Now, here in particular order are the worst 5 love songs of all time!

We love you Stevie, but really? REALLY??

What won’t you do Meatloaf? TELL US!

Just because Brian Adams wouldn’t let us share it. Luckily Family Guy got it right.

Puppy Love. I see.

People have had enough of silly love songs Paul.

Independent Venues Week at The Wedge

In  case you weren’t aware, today marks the beginning of the third annual Independent Venue Week! The purpose of this week is simple, to champion the hundreds of independent venues around the UK who work week in week out to deliver people with the best upcoming talent in the Music and Creative worlds. Furthermore, this week is also designed to turn a positive light on an industry which has seen a progressive down turn in the last decade, that of course being grassroots music scene. Hundreds of venues have been forced to shut down across the last ten years, due to a culmination of factors; increasing touring costs and operating costs, gentrification,and changing methods of mainstream audiences music consumption being some of the primary factors. Independent Venue Week provides a national platform for venues by putting them at the forefront of the UK Music Industry for one week. In return venues around the country use this week to put on some of the best upcoming talent for audiences, and champion what they are all about as venues! With that in mind, I think it’s time for us to tell you about all the great stuff we have planned for you this week. Tickets for each event can be purchased online at

First up tonight we have Giants & Create to Inspire double headlining our sister venue The Edge of The Wedge, supported by Disparity and Forever in Depths. If you love your hardcore, this night is definitely not going to disappoint.

On Thursday we are extremely excited to have Matthew E White playing here. His album Fresh Blood was rated as one of the best albums of 2015 by some of the major press, and you can watch him here in good old Southsea. He will also be taking over our Instagram channel from Wednesday, so make sure you give us a follow if you haven’t already at (wedgewoodrooms), for his exclusive tour updates.

Last, but by certainly means not least we have IceBreaker Festival. We are one of 10 venues in Southsea hosting some of Portsmouth’s best upcoming bands. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, seriously question your life. £10 for over a hundred bands is value you simply don’t get these days, and it’s a great way to see the talent developing on your doorstep!

2015- Our Favourite Moments

2015 is over. We had some great shows, we got to travel up to London for Venues Day (We felt very pprofessional, and even had the outside of the building done by a famous French Street Artist Ouvrier. So in honour of 2015, we decided to give you a breakdown of our favourite moments from 2015! In no particular order.

Beerex – Our first ever Beer Festival. For years we had been mulling over running our own Beer Festival, and this year we finally did it. Run in conjunction with The Leopold, we stocked over 45 Real Ale and Ciders, accompanied all the while by some great local music.

Beerex 2
The Enemy – These guys have played here several times now, and the live show gets better each time. Full of energy, and drive – just what you want from an Indie Rock band.


The Milk – As voted by the Techies and Manager – If you haven’t listened to these guys second album, do yourself a favour and go out and buy it now. It is only Live however, that you see how talented they are as musicians.


Halloween It’s a Sin – By far our Biggest Halloween Party yet. Fire Dancers, Live Projections, Live Band, we pulled out all the stops. Also being 1 in 1 out within a couple of hours of opening is pretty great. (Below two members of staff – calm down guys).


Reverend and The Makers – These guys always put on a great show, and the impromptu end of show acoustic gig outside, always ends the night on a high point. What topped the night off for us though, was a Wedgewood Rooms/Reverend and The Makers ‘Band T-Shirt Day’ picture, where we all got a chance to show off our favourite Band t-shirts.

T shirt day

Zebrahead – as voted by Security – after they joined them in the pit mid set. It’s always great to see a band that so obviously enjoy what they’re doing. They really know how to get a crowd going, to!

Slaves – For obvious reasons this was one of our favourite shows. The show started selling slowly, before the remaining 200 odd tickets flew out in just under a week – it seemed everyone in Portsmouth had become Slaves fans overnight. The show was as energetic as you expect, and it was amazing to them in such an intimate space!