Promoter Spotlight: Trash Arts


Trash Arts are a long running arts collective based in Portsmouth. Spearheaded by Sam Mason Bell, Trash Arts have been creating films and putting on gigs, film festivals and networking events for over a decade. Throughout they have maintained a fierce independence and strong DIY ethic. We thought we would ask Sam some questions ahead of their show with British/Dutch trip hop band Alcuna Wilds on the 29th of Jan.

Q: How did you get involved in music?

Sam: We started TrashArts for event promotion and film making back in 2007, and was simply inspired by the others around us, and those who were starting to soundtrack our films. We always try and make sure we feature a decent amount of local music.

Q: What was the first show you put on? Any specific memories?

Sam: First show I put on was back at Bar Black (now The Fat Fox) we put on Joe Black, Underdog and The Visitors. We used the show to raise funds for our first feature film ‘Flummox’. First thing I learnt was being horribly drunk was not the best move, happy to have learnt that early enough!

Q: How have things developed or changed since then? Any difficulties/learning curves?

Sam: Having run several Sunday clubs at Drift and The Registry we began to learn the strengths and advantages of a decent schedule. Timing is everything with live music, saving grace by hitting the curfew and not pissing off the venue!

Q: What is your favourite gig/line up that you have put on so far?

Sam: We had the oppertunity to book Sleaford Mods before they exploded, was a fantastic opportunity cramming 147 people into the Fox, plus they were very cool chilled people. Another show which was fantastic was bringing Akala to the Wedgewood Rooms, a truly brilliant artist. I also personally have loved the shows with good local bands and acts who became friends- Ben Farrant, Fugitive Orchestra, Holdfast… just to name a few.

Q: What can we look forward to in the future? 

Sam: We have the fantastic Alcuna Wilds, which we are very excited to be hosting. We aim to do more of our OPEN YA MOUTH event, an open mic night we run at the Loft once every month, and hoping to continue networking opportunities for local film makers pushing our film festival Making Waves Film Festival, which is hosted at The Wedgewood Rooms.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to put on shows or local bands looking to get more gigs?

Sam: Best advice I can give is to respect those you work with from the bands, the venue, the sound man, the bar staff, an event is not successful down to one person it is a team effort and that can never be undervalued.

Q: Describe the Portsmouth music scene in one word

Sam: Aspiring… whether thats positive or negative, that’s up to you.

Trash Arts bring Alcuna Wilds to The Edge of the Wedge on the 29th of Jan. Tickets available from They also have a Making Waves Networking Session in the Edge on the 13th of Feb. Follow them on social media for more details.



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