Promoter Spotlight: Calamity Cratediggers


Calamity Cratediggers are the latest purveyors of alt, psych and garage to enter the Southsea musical landscape. CC first came on our radar in November 2017 when they put on Sonic Memory Hole, a great all dayer in support of food banks. Over a year later and they have put on hotly tipped acts from all over the map including America and Australia. They host a very special all dayer in The Edge for Independent Venue Week on the 3rd of Feb. Expect their winning formula or international touring acts and local favourites as well as a huge local arts, records and zines fair. We thought we would ask them some questions about the journey so far.

Q: How did you get involved in music?

Sam: I have been going to gigs for years but got personally involved in music when we put on the Sonic Memory Hole together. I had long had the urge to put on shows myself but never had the time, knowledge or cahoneys to have a go. Then I found Radd.

Radd: Having worked at the wedge many moons ago as well as helping the people at Pie & Vinyl put shows on I have always enjoyed the nuts and bolts for live music. When Sam came to me with his plan to start putting shows on I naturally jumped all over him (naked) and asked if we could work together. 

Q: What was the first show you put on? Any specific memories?

Sam: The first show we put on was the Sonic Memory Hole. My biggest memory of that event was the early afternoon freak out, thinking that no-one would turn out and then the feeling of immense satisfaction and pride in the local music scene when we were full at 8pm. 

Radd: Much like Sam my the first show that I was totally responsible for was the Memory Hole. I think my major memories surrounding that event come from the arrival at the memory hole concept and how excited we were to hear a full roster of local bands re-interpret an artist that both Sam and I love. I also had major meltdowns and buzzes on the day like Sam. 

Q: How have things developed or changed since then? Any difficulties/learning curves? 

Radd: In terms of developments or changes, I would say that Sam and I are in regular pinch-ourselves positions over the kind words we have sometimes heard about what we are doing. We have become probably more confident than  we should be but that is all part of the rush. The gamble is costly but when it pays of the feeling of having maybe done something that people will remember is unrivalled. 

As far as difficulties are concerned…MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEYYYYYYY. (In an O’Jays voice)

Q: What is your favourite gig/line up that you have put on so far? 

Sam: I would honestly say that my favourite show to date would be the Olden Yolk gig, the line up was BANGING, local fav’s Number 9 and Barbudo brought the psychedelic magic and sleazy funk to the party and Olden Yolk were absolutely mesmerising. They have a new album coming this year and I would love to bring them back. 

Radd: To be honest I have to agree with Sam, Olden Yolk were so lovely and by far provided our best crowd to date. I would also say that JOHN made my face slide off a little and overtime we have put on Fat Earthers the room has lit up a fair as well. 

Q: What can we look forward to in the future? Upcoming shows? Plans for the future? 

Sam: We are really looking forward to our Music and Art all dare, and having the chance to do something with the Wedge during Independent Venue Week. Its really important that we support our local venues because without them we would be nothing.

Radd: As Sam has said I cannot wait until the 3rd of Feb for the All-dayer and I am also looking forward to collaborating with other promotors such as Portsmouth Psych and Honeymooner. Sam and I are in this to work with people, so as John Donne said, no man (or any other gender for that mater) is an island, even if we all live on one.

Q: Any advice for people wanting to put on shows or local bands looking to get more gigs?

Sam: Come and talk to us. We don’t bite. We love an opportunity to promote and support our local DIY community. 

Radd: Same as Sam, come say hi. The more, the merrier. Get out there and knock on proverbial doors, they won’t always be answered the first time but the more you knock the greater your chances for getting somewhere. You’re not gonna retire on your rewards but if you really lucky (ourselves included) someone will look back and say that what you did was good. 

Q: Describe the Portsmouth music scene in one word


Radd: Burgeoning.

For more info on Calamity Cratediggers IVW alternative all dayer event go to:

Tickets £8 in advance from 


Instagram: calamitycratediggers


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