The Wedgewood Rooms is a live music/comedy venue in Portsmouth has been at the heart of the Music Industry for over 20 years. From Oasis, Primal Scream, The Killers, to Jamie T, many of worlds biggest touring artists having graced its stage at one point within their career. A supporter of Theatre and Comedy also through fortnightly Comedy Nights, The Wedgewood Rooms is continually standing up for, and promoting new artistic talent.

This blog is written by The Wedgewood Rooms staff. We are always looking out for new music/film/art/literature to shout about, so if you have something that you think we might be interested in email: marketing@wedgewood-rooms.co.uk.

Please note if you are a band/artist interested in performing at The Wedgewood Rooms, that we receive a huge amount of submissions, which we can’t possibly sort through. Your best option is to contact promoters that book through our sister venue The Edge of the Wedge (information can be found on our website – http://www.wedgewood-rooms.co.uk/TheEdge.aspx ), or look out on our Facebook page for available support slots.

Thanks a lot,

Team Wedge 🙂

Photographers we work with:

Tom Langford
Elliot McRae


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